San Francisco Department of Public Health
Treatment Bed Availability

Need to Talk to someone Now?

Call a 24-hour support line:
Suicide Prevention (415) 781-0500
or Warm Line Support (415) 781-0500
for non-emergency peer counseling.


When you are ready for treatment, SFDPH and its partners are here to help. Calling a residential treatment program’s phone number or viewing their website is the most direct way to learn more about it. Even when a program shows no open beds, you can contact the program to discuss a referral.

All programs listed here are designed for San Francisco residents with Medi-Cal, or who need help accessing Medi-Cal (view our policy). They are not designed for people with other types of insurance, though some providers have additional beds not contracted by SFDPH. Many treatment programs are tailored to meet the needs of our diverse client population, specializing in various languages, cultures and identities. While programs may display beds designated for men or women, all programs will accommodate people of all gender identities and expressions (view our policy).

If you are unable to reach a program, our 24-hour Behavioral Health Access Center phone line (415) 255-3737, can also help you find treatment. To meet with our staff in person, visit our Access Center located at 1380 Howard Street, weekdays between 8AM and 4:30 PM.


The San Francisco Health Network's behavioral health services are here to support you and your family with mental health or substance use issues.